Hijacking my own blog – or, post-op day 2

I’m taking a little hiatus from writing about the joys of ED (if you don’t know sarcasm by now, this is the wrong blog for you), and instead I’m going to write about the physical ick I’m going through post-op. Continue reading


Sleepless nights, crazy cravings, and upcoming surgery

I haven’t been in the writing mood of late – I’ve been in the “hide under the covers and binge watch ‘Scandal'” mood. The reason? I’m having surgery this Wednesday. It’s a routine procedure, but it’s not minor, and while I’m pretty much done with freaking out and reading potential complications on Google, I still am not sleeping. Continue reading

Names will never hurt you

Long before I started this blog, when I started with my latest T last fall, I wanted to know what I should call my eating disorder. Ed seems the natural name – except that in my head, the woman with the megaphone is definitely a woman. She’s loud, she’s obnoxious, she’s rude… and at some level I know she’s wrong. But she’s not an “Ed.” Continue reading

Too loud, too big, too much, too intense, too me.

When I was about 8, I came home from school and complained to my mom about some of the kids who were teasing me. I’d just started a new school where I barely knew anyone, and I felt isolated and alone. My mother listened to me for a moment, and gave me two pieces of Mom-Wisdom that hit me at my core, because when you are 8 and your mom tells you something, She Must Be Right. She’s Mom. She’s a superhero. Listen closely to her Mom-Wisdom. Continue reading