Hijacking my own blog – or, post-op day 2

I’m taking a little hiatus from writing about the joys of ED (if you don’t know sarcasm by now, this is the wrong blog for you), and instead I’m going to write about the physical ick I’m going through post-op.

Yesterday morning, we went to the surgical center, I was prepped, IV, etc. and then said goodbye to my hubby and walked to the OR. After I was settled, the anesthesiologist said she gave me something in my IV to relax but I didn’t notice it. Then I got the oxygen mask on and it felt weird to breathe in and out of it – after about 6 breaths, things started to spin and go dim, and the next thing I knew I was in recovery, my throat hurt, I was SO thirsty, and I was in a lot of pain.

I guess my recovery was a bit unusual because of the pain – they gave me tons of meds, and I was vomiting in spite of the anti-nausea meds and patch they’d given me. I tried to sit up so I could get out of there – they wanted me out of there – but I just wanted to sleep. My husband was pushing me to keep moving forward. Eventually, after they gave me a muscle relaxant, I made it to a chair and started to get dressed with help because I had a short window before the meds would wear off, and we had a long drive. I slept in the back seat curled up with blankets and pillows as my husband drove.

But once we were home, it all went down hill. I had the worst cramps I’ve ever had – worse than labor! – I felt them come back as the meds wore off. I took my percocet but it didn’t touch them, and the nurse at my doctor’s office was both rude and unhelpful, telling me I needed to take motrin as well (which doesn’t work for me) and that since I’d taken Aleve (which does), I had to wait 12 hours in agonizing pain until I could take Motrin. I could have shot her right then and there. I was sobbing in pain, and my husband didn’t know what to do.

A friend showed up with heating pads, and that helped a lot, plus I did take the motrin and had a popsicle. Finally by that evening, I felt like I could handle this and the cramping subsided. Hardly any discharge, but because I have a tipped uterus, the pain was front and back. I had two heating pads for my belly and my back, pillows everywhere, and as it turns out, I broke out in a rash where the IV tape had been. With all of the meds, I still couldn’t sleep because the pain was too much. Finally I fell asleep around 11, woke at 2:30 as the meds wore off, then woke again at 6:30 for the same. Oh, and I threw up twice, so who knows if the meds really got into me.

Today was better – I can move around a bit, but my entire abdomen is swollen and painful, like I got kicked in the stomach and ribs. No vomiting, I’m hungry but can only eat small portions. Of course I’m still tracking my food which is hard because I snack here and there. I’m hoping that all of this will drop me a few pounds – not a good thing according to my T and D, but my weight has been creeping up, so I could use to lose about 5 pounds.

It’s been hard finding food that I want to eat and can eat, particularly with all of the side effects of the surgery. But it will all be worth it when I can have a more normal period next month. 

Pain and surgery really, really suck. I thought that I’d be high as a kite on the percocet and just zoning and sleeping, and hanging out. Never thought I’d have the agony of yesterday, or the boredom of today. On the plus side, my family is awesome and they’ve been taking good care of me. 

So that’s it – nothing witty or insightful, nothing about my true recovery, or struggles – it’s hard to think about anything other than the pain after surgery. At least I can move around today and write and make a few calls, but tomorrow I’m going to try to rest more.

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